Duell Training Associates – Our First Blog Post


At Duell Training Associates, I don’t just help people stay safe at work; I have an impact on my client’s lives at home too. While it’s my job to teach health and safety courses, I’m also able to advise people on which other training they would benefit from. It’s not just “another day in the office,” to me.

Teaching people health and safety lowers people’s barriers, and I often find that once the course has ended, people approach me to ask me questions about people they look after. I can think of many occasions when delivering First Aid, Food Safety, or Moving and Handling of People when this has happened.

Some conversations can be fun (to say the least.) There’s a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to first aid and health and safety, and I do my best to spread the correct information where I can. For example, one learner recently asked me if you should keep eggs in the fridge. Due to the good relationship I can build quickly with my learners, the conversation went onto supermarkets, taste differences, TV chefs, porous shells and then finally back to the real reason they asked me this question – “Where’s the best place to store eggs Ray?”

I want to share as many anecdotes as I can to educate everyone about first aid and health and safety. Not just to give you value, but also so that I can keep learning myself.

Plus, although I know my stuff about training, I don’t know about everything. So I’ll be using this platform to share my experiences of teaching and in particular, the times when the role of teacher and pupil is reversed.

As all tutors, teachers and instructors will be aware – we must always keep learning ourselves. And from time to time the learners can teach us a thing or two.

Stay tuned for my first article, which is about the top 10 common myths people think about first aid in the UK.